The art of erotic massage is revived in Timisoara, all in an enchanting ambiance.


NOW YOU CAN Break free from everyday life and routine, pamper yourself with an exotic, exciting, erotic massage, or even an extended session of deep relaxation in the Jacuzzi or sauna with our girls!


We have prepared a diverse offer for you, but we are always open and receptive to new requirements or desires.


Please pay attention to the following aspects during the presentation of our massage therapists:


  • the massage therapists who smile to you believe that they can offer you an exceptional massage;
  • the massage therapists who DO NOT smile to you probably believe that they are not in an optimum shape to offer you the desired massage.


We (always) recommend you choose that massage therapist who smiles to you.


Please assure your assets for the entire massage session, including the period spent in the shower. Bianco Massage Salon is not liable for the disappearance of your assets. Thank you for your understanding!


The duration of a massage session is of 30/60 minutes, and starts once the message therapist enters the room to begin the massage, and ends once she gets permanently out of the room.


Both you and the young lady will be naked for the entire erotic massage session.


We recommend to shower at the beginning of the massage session, as hygiene is very important for a quality massage.


Erotic massage for relaxation (15 – 20 minutes) is made with the hands all over the body or in the body areas you wish the young lady to insist. Please mention your preference… Certain young ladies are certified and perform a professional somatic massage.


Body massage (15 – 20 minutes) is the massage in which the closeness between you and the message therapist occurs, thus you benefit of the techniques preferred by you and agreed by the massage therapist in her personal job description. This type of massage can be compared to a sensual dance made in horizontal position and represents the foreplay for what shall follow at the end of the session.


Generally, among the body massage techniques used by the young ladies are the following:


  • necking, delicate touching with the massage therapist?s hands, nails, buttocks all over your body;
  • undulation and lascivious movements on all your body with the massage therapist’s slippery body;
  • body kissing (depending on hygiene / the genital area is excluded);
  • whispers, soft moaning, accelerated breathing;

Erotic massage with/without completion (15 – 20 minutes).

Among the techniques specific to this type of massage are the following:

  • massage performed with the young lady’s soft hands, in different styles, depending on your preferences as well;
  • massage performed with the young lady’s breasts;
  • massage performed with the young lady’s pelvis and abdomen;
  • massage performed with the young lady’s buttocks, lumbar area and soft hand.


All massage types are made within our salon thanks to our massage therapists experience, who create some profound and deep sensations, sometimes even stonger than the classical completion in a sexual intercourse. The erotic massage if a lot more sensual, more sexual, more beneficial, hygienic and creates unique moments both on the psychical and physical levels as well. The erotic massage is an art performed by artists passioned about what they do, and their commitment shall be felt even in the moment of completion.


The three types of massage mentioned above can be combined or can be chosen separately. For a maximum effect, we recommend you to choose a combined massage as the initial relaxation has a decisive role in reaching the climax in erotic massage.




DO NOT insist with additional requests (apart from those described above) if you receive a polite refusal.

In this case we recommend you choose one other time a massage therapist compatible with your style.